About Medallion Wellness

We want you to feel like the champion you are! Our continued success in providing the highest quality cannabis products and service to our customers depends on having top talent. Our team is committed to excellence and quality. We strive to provide the Cannabis of Champions.

Our Approach

Our team is comprised of cannabis enthusiasts and industry veterans with deep roots in both the market and culture. Our team is involved with every step in the chain of distribution and our products are hand-selected.

Whether you are experienced with cannabis, or learning and exploring it, we offer a retail experience that is custom to you, ensuring you make a comfortable and well-informed decision that fits your needs. Customer service is our top priority. We hold the highest standards for your experience with us and take pride in showing you what we have to offer.

We are dedicated to our mission to provide a cannabis experience that is convenient, informative, reliable and safe.

Our Products

We are extremely passionate about our brand. Our team specializes in obtaining cannabis products from both large and craft cannabis companies.

Our Message

We are an energetic and creative team, dedicated to excellence and quality. We take pride in our knowledge of the products we offer. As a pioneering California Commercial Cannabis Business Entity, our goal is to continually innovate while providing quality service and products.