How to Use Tinctures

All About Tinctures Tinctures are liquid herbal extracts dissolved in alcohol. The alcohol acts as a solvent and pulls the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. They were the original way cannabis was used medicinally in the United States before it was outlawed federally. You may see boxes at the […]

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Vegan-Friendly Edibles

vegan edibles

Medalion Wellness brings the best of vegan edibles to residents of Modesto and the surrounding Central Valley communities. Our products are available for delivery or in-store in areas surrounding Modesto and Atwater. (Can you say wake n’ bake?) Our helpful budtenders are available by phone to answer your questions about […]

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Reefer Madness: Total Craziness?

Described as “the granddaddy of all “Worst” movies” by critic and film historian Leonard Maltin, (1)  the 1936 feature has an IMDb rating of just 3.7/10. However, many people believe its “so bad it’s good” quality makes it worth watching, if only to laugh and cringe. Alongside fellow movie duds […]

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All About Sour Diesel

But how did this top-shelf classic get its name? Where did it come from? And what should cannabis users expect if they’ve never tried it? Find your favorite premium sativa selections at Medallion Wellness; Central California’s premier cannabis dispensary. Serving Modesto, Fresno, Atwater, Merced, Waterford, and beyond, Medallion is Central […]

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Alice B. Toklas and the Pot Brownie

Even though the pot brownie is a long-standing favorite among cannabis connoisseurs, few know about the woman who made edibles popular: Alice B. Toklas. Avant-garde is a French term given to people whose lives, art, and underpinning ideologies are unconventional, experimental, and innovative. Alice B. Toklas was a San Francisco […]

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Who Was Jack Herer?

The Emperor Wears No Clothes is a 1985 book widely considered to be the spark that ignited the modern cannabis legalization movement. For the uninitiated, it was written by one of America’s modern champions of cannabis: Jack Herer.  Jack Herer was born in New York in 1939. A personal hero […]

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cbn modesto

A cannabinoid is a type of substance present in the cannabis plant, the most well-known of which is THC. However, if you’re familiar with cannabis culture, you probably know a few more; especially if you have an interest in what’s in your weed! Cannabis is a plant with long-hailed medicinal […]

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What are Terpenes and Why Do They Matter?

Terpenes Modesto

Terpenes: The Aromatic Wonders of the Weed World The terpene profile of your weed is one of the ways you can tell the difference between good, really good, and exceptional products. Most people who use cannabis have heard of terpenes, but few take the time to deep dive into why […]

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The Science Behind Edibles

Cannabis is now legal in eighteen states, and cannabis-infused edibles are becoming the go-to choice for many consumers. But everyone should understand how the body reacts to cannabis’ natural compounds before they pop a tasty THC treat in their mouth – and especially if it’s their first time. For those […]

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All About Blunts

Traditionally, blunts are carefully wrapped cigars or cigarillos in which the tobacco has been replaced with cannabis. Common among amateur and expert cannabis consumers, blunts have long been a popular form for enjoying cannabis. While many have perfected constructing and wrapping their own DIY blunts, top-shelf cannabis companies are starting […]

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