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Traditionally, blunts are carefully wrapped cigars or cigarillos in which the tobacco has been replaced with cannabis. Common among amateur and expert cannabis consumers, blunts have long been a popular form for enjoying cannabis. While many have perfected constructing and wrapping their own DIY blunts, top-shelf cannabis companies are starting to release their own pre-roll blunts packed with some of your favorite strains–but without the tobacco casing. From Artisan to BeMore Blunt to AE, Medallion Wellness carries the best pre-roll blunts on the market, with premium flower tightly rolled in natural hemp leaves instead of tobacco. For those looking to wrap their blunt themselves, our cannabis comes from all the best growers and companies in the industry. If you want to see what we have in stock, please visit our up-to-date online menu or stop by one of our six Central California locations. For those looking for the best cannabis delivery in Central California, we offer delivery options from all of our locations. If you have any questions, come on in to one of our showrooms to speak with an expert budtender or call us at (888) 354-0139.

The Outside Wrap

Unlike traditional blunts, Medallion Wellness curates its inventory to feature only hemp-rolled blunts instead of tobacco leaves. Civilizations have utilized the hemp leaf to construct thread and rope since 4,000 BCE.[1] And, because the hemp leaf is so durable, it is a strong, reliable paper when used for rolling blunts. 

The Inside Contents 

For the blunt aficionado, finding the right cannabis to complement the outer wrap is an art all its own. An indica dominant strain in blunts is a perfect way to balance out the stress of a busy schedule, while a strong sativa can help enhance concentration and focus. Because cannabis has shown to quell symptoms of anxiety,[2] many choose to partake in “blunt-affairs” at the beginning or end of the day. If you need help deciding on which flower to choose for your next roll, be sure to ask one of our budtenders for their recommendations. Our employees are trained and well knowledgeable on all things cannabis, so they are sure to know which strain would suit your needs best. To see what we currently have in stock, be sure to check our online menu!

Benefits of A Blunt

When choosing ways to consume cannabis, you can go with the standard joint, the simplicity of an edible, or the experience of a blunt. With a signature smell and flavor, blunts are ideal for the times when you can kick back and hang out for a while and enjoy watching the hemp leaf casing slowly ember after each drag. Benefits of a blunt include:

Longer Experience

Because hemp paper is thicker and more robust, it burns longer than a traditional joint. This allows for the consumer to really take their time, sit back, and breathe in every moment of the experience. Many blunt-loyalists say that a blunt is a perfect cherry on top to help them wind down from their day. 

Assorted Flavors

Traditional rolling papers do not come in an assortment of flavors. However, with blunts, the consumer can choose from an array of flavors for their wrapping. From blueberry to cherry to vanilla, cigars and cigarillos come in a wide variety of flavors. These flavors, when paired with the right strain, can accent the notes and terpenes of different types of flower. When a customer chooses a blunt, they receive a more colorful flavor profile than if they were to choose a joint. 

Plenty to Share

Tight packing, a thick shell, and a generous size make blunts pot-luck perfect. There’s plenty to pass, and blunts have a durable casing. This makes a blunt easy to transport, resilient in a crowd, and simple to put out and save for later (if needed).

How To Roll A Blunt

For those who wish to make their own blunts, the process involves a little learning curve but is highly rewarding. First, you will need a cigar, cigarillo, or blunt wrap and the cannabis of your choice. Make sure the cannabis has been ground up. Cigars, cigarillos, and blunt wraps all come a little damp. If yours is too dried out, this can lead to it breaking apart as you’re trying to roll. With your cigar of choice in hand, cut lengthwise down its spine. Carefully open the cigar and pull out all the tobacco fillings. Next, take the empty wrapper and wet it gently with water. This will help lubricate the leaf and ready it for rolling. Dry the wrapper so that it is still flexible. Then, take your ground-up cannabis and pack it into the wrapper, spreading it out evenly. Usually, a blunt has one to two grams of cannabis packed inside. Once it is filled, roll the wrapper between your fingers, moving the cannabis evenly around the length of the blunt. This is where a dry wrapper would crack, so be sure not to skip the wetting phase. Roll the wrapper into a spiral shape and tuck it under itself at the ends. This part is a bit tricky and can take a rookie a couple of tries to perfect. Once the blunt is shaped, wet the edges of the wrapper’s ends and smooth out any wrinkles. With your blunt rolled, you need to seal the edge with a flame from a lighter. The heat from the lighter will dry the wrapper’s edges and seal it closed. This part of the process will ensure an even burn while enjoying. Now, maybe after a trial run or two, you have a perfectly packed and rolled blunt that can be passed around a circle or enjoyed in quiet solitude.

What Is A Pre-Roll?

Because rolling your own blunt might be tricky, many of our customers opt to go with a pre-rolled blunt. These are professionally prepared blunts that have been expertly rolled and shaped to burn evenly. For those wanting to enjoy a blunt that has been handcrafted by experts, please ask one of our budtenders what we currently have in stock or visit our online menu!

Pre-Rolls In Central California

At Medallion Wellness, we pride ourselves on providing the best and highest quality cannabis and cannabis-infused products to our clientele. For those interested in blunts, we are proud to offer Artisan CannCigars. Artisan CannaCigars are handcrafted blunts rolled right here in The Golden State. Using the best cannabinoid and terpene profiles, Artisan CannaCigars dedicates their efforts to giving their customers a well-rounded, superior experience. For those uninterested in smoking tobacco leaves, Artisan CannaCigars use hemp paper to wrap their blunts. The expert rollers at Artisan CannaCigars Artisan roll their blunts with unprocessed and unfiltered hemp leaves. When you take the blunt out of the packaging, you will notice thick, tightly rolled leaves held together with hemp string. The end has a wooden mouthpiece to allow for even, controlled inhalation. Inside every package of Artisan CannaCigars is a small wooden torch to allow the compressed flower to light properly. This torch lets the consumer light their blunt naturally without the harm of gases from a lighter. At Medallion Wellness, we are proud to give our Central Californians a reliable, enriching experience when they choose Artisan CannaCigars.  Some of their strains include:

  • Maui Wowie 6-Pack Mini Blunts: This package of six half-gram mini blunts contains one of the most popular hybrids in the California cannabis industry. This classic sativa strain contrasts Artisan’s hemp paper with sweet pineapple flavors to kickstart your day or give you a little added push in the evening. 
  • Wedding Cake 2-Pack Mini Blunts: Consisting of two half-gram mini blunts, this product utilizes a potent indica hybrid that is rich and tangy with hints of earthy pepper. With its high THC content, this is the perfect blunt for an experienced cannabis connoisseur. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blunt?

A blunt is a cigar or cigarillo with the inside tobacco stuffing replaced with ground-up cannabis. Popular among all levels of cannabis consumers, blunts have a distinct aroma and experience that is pivotal to any smoke sesh. 

Do blunts have nicotine?

Some blunts do contain nicotine. The outer wrap of blunts is from a cigar or cigarillo wrapping which is made from tobacco leaves and nicotine is a natural component in all tobacco products. However, many dispensaries sell hemp-rolled blunts. Hemp-rolled blunts utilize the natural fibers of the hemp plant to construct a durable paper that burns slowly and evenly. 

What’s the difference between a joint and a blunt?

The difference between a joint and a blunt is that a blunt is made with a tobacco leaf and a joint is constructed with traditional rolling papers. When packed and rolled, both contain around one to two grams of cannabis. For those looking to avoid nicotine, a joint is typically the go-to choice. However, those who wish to combine the effects of cannabis with the stimulating effects of nicotine commonly choose a blunt to light up their smoke sesh. 


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