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Sour Diesel, also known as Sour Deez, or simply Sour D, is a well-known, invigorating weed strain with a reputation for heavy-hitting THC, energizing head highs, and a first-class lineage. Not to mention its uniquely pungent odor! Achieving 3rd place in the Greatest Strain of All Time by High Times, this potent, sativa-dominant bud has been a favorite of many since its creation in the early 90s. (1)

But how did this top-shelf classic get its name? Where did it come from? And what should cannabis users expect if they’ve never tried it?

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NYC, Sour D, & Hip Hop Culture

Sour Diesel originated on the East Coast. New York City was something of a hub for weed cultivation in the early 90s, and like many urban centers across the United States, was slowly recovering from a decade marred by the destructive effects of the crack cocaine epidemic. Previously considered an activity for hippies and counterculture types, smoking cannabis moved into the mainstream in the early 1990s. This was thanks, in part, to the rising popularity of hip hop culture. 

Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, and other early 90s hip-hop artists moved smoking weed into the mainstream, where it has remained ever since. And, a few years before the East Coast-West Coast rivalries that took Biggie and 2Pac, a mysterious figure called “AJ” created a strain of cannabis that packed a THC punch. That strain was Sour Diesel.

Nowadays, Sour Diesel is reportedly hugely popular with the likes of hip-hop duo Run the Jewels, rapper Redman, and is even featured in an infused bucatini pasta recipe by rapper and TV presenter Action Bronson! (2)

What’s in a Name?

Little is known about the architect of the Sour Diesel strain. Rumor has it that AJ stood for “A**hole Joe”, though it’s difficult to confirm because there are very few records to go by (what’s more, he doesn’t sound like he was too friendly). Regardless of who exactly AJ really was, a little more is known about the origin of the strain’s name. “Diesel” was 80s and 90s slang for good quality weed in New York, and it’s thought that the “sour” part came from the number of relationships it caused issues with! (3)

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All Gas, No Brakes?

Cannabis has long been known to alleviate pain, insomnia, and help people manage many other medical conditions. (4) Moreover, recreationally, sativa-dominant strains are known for their ability to help users feel focused and energized. Sour Diesel is a firm favorite with many cannabis fans, but it’s not for the faint-hearted! This is because it packs a strong head high with minimal couch lock. Users feel focused and clear-headed with a boost of energy that can help with creativity

Sour Diesel Quick Facts:

  • Distinctive “Diesel” Smell
  • Sativa Dominant
  • High THC (19%-30%)
  • < 1% CBD
  • Cerebral High
  • Invigorating
  • Fast-Acting

Family “Trees”

As is the case with hundreds of pre-2000 strains, Sour Diesel has unclear origins. Described by High Times as “having no birth certificate” to speak of, Sour Diesel is thought to be descended from Chemdawg 91 and Grateful Dead. According to some sketchy history, a bag of ChemDog made its way to the East Coast. This is thought to be the original source of subsequent strains Chem 91, Chem Sister, Chem C, and Chem D. Sour Diesel apparently resulted from an accidental cross with another strain, which was likely to be Super Skunk, Skunk #1, or Northern Lights. (2)

Sour Diesel Terpene Profile

Terpenes give each cannabis strain its unique flavor profile. The following terpene isolates are dominant in Sour Diesel:

  • D-Limonene: Bitter, aromatic. Also found in citrus peel.
  • Caryophyllene: Spicy, peppery. Found in black pepper and cloves.
  • Myrcene: Musky, earthy. Found in lemongrass and eucalyptus.
  • Beta-Pinene: Green, woody. Smells like dill, hops.
  • Alpha-Pinene: Sharp, piney. Found in citrus fruit and many herbs.
  • Camphene: Pungent, musky. Smells like camphor oil.

Clinical research confirms myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and limonene as dominant terpenes, as well as higher levels of inflammation-reducing alpha-bisabolol in Sour Diesel. (5) These terpenes combine to give Sour Diesel its signature “gas-like” aroma.

Cerebral Wake and Bake

Many cannabis users choose sativa-dominant weed strains over indica and hybrids for the enhancement of daytime activities and creative endeavors. As Sour Diesel is well-known for its energizing properties, it’s a popular choice to wake and bake with. Some say it’s like kerosene, while others liken it to skunk. However receptive your olfactory senses are, Sour Diesel is one of the strongest smelling, pungent strains out there, so be sure to give your partner or housemates a heads-up if their noses are extra sensitive in the morning!

Tough to Grow, Worth the Effort

According to cannabis cultivators, Sour Diesel is one of the more challenging strains to grow. It prefers the outdoors, thriving in a warm, Mediterranean climate (California gets the green light here). Sour D is part of the ChemDawg family, so it needs high levels of nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. (6) As a common sight in dispensaries across California, it’s clear that many growers think Sour Diesel is worth the work to get the most out of this premium-quality sativa!

Sour Diesel at Medallion Wellness

  • Space Coyote Sour Diesel x Gelato Hash Pre-Rolls (5 Pack)

With each half gram joint packing 90% herb and 10% Nasha hash, these pre-rolls are the perfect choice for a convenient, energizing high! Enjoy these potent and portable blunts and safely transport them in the secure tin provided.

  • Lime Sour Diesel Live Resin Shatter

Emerald Triangle-produced Shatter is a potent live resin with granular THC crystals. Rich, smooth, and aromatic, cannabis connoisseurs can enjoy high-quality Sour Diesel dabs with this superior California live resin.

  • Liiil Stiiizy Sour Diesel Disposable Vape Pen

Vape game-changers Stiiizy put their spin on Sour Diesel with these ½ gram disposable mini cartridges. For the ultimate discreet, portable vape, try Liiil Stiiizy for a no-hassle on-the-go high.

  • House Weed Sour Diesel Crumble Concentrate

Sour Diesel Crumble is a popular concentrate that provides users with a dreamy, cerebral high. Rely on this rich, tasteful product for a superior dab experience.

  • Glass House Farms Sour Diesel Smalls (1 oz/28g)

Enjoy an entire ounce of Sour Diesel with these delectable Sour Diesel Smalls from Glass House. Heady, unmistakably skunky, and citrussy, this high-end flower is truly a class act and a 90s-born classic for your smoking needs!

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