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Your Wallet Is Your Voice

For some, the slow trickle of cannabis legalization has been nothing short of amazing, not to mention profitable. But let’s face it. We live in an unjust society. The cannabis industry is just as shaped by gender, racial, and intersectional inequalities as the other more established industries.[1] It gets harder to deny it when every single day we hear stories in the news about powerful men and corporations getting away with the rape, murder, and exploitation of people and the environment. Studies have also shown that cannabis stigmas often intersect with other sources of social inequality.[2] The Covid-Era has only magnified the disparities in our communities. It can feel as though there is nothing you can do as an individual. It can be very easy to fall prey to pessimism and defeatism. 

One small way we can collectively shift the status quo is to vote with our dollar. It’s one of the few ways we can reward and incentivize ethical behavior under the oppressive capitalist system we all live under. Plus, it feels incredible to get high off of helping people. Literally! We hope you think so too.  

Conveniently located to serve the areas of Modesto, Merced, Atwater, Fresno, and Waterford, Medallion Wellness wants our customers to reward brands doing their part to make the world a better place. 

Our team is composed of cannabis enthusiasts and industry veterans with deep roots in both the market and culture. They are involved in every step of the distribution chain and hand-select all our products.

We strive to provide each of our customers with a bespoke retail experience to ensure they make a comfortable and well-informed decision that fits their needs. Studies have shown a link between cannabis use and conscientiousness, agreeableness, and openness.[3] We couldn’t agree more!

Medallion Wellness is also one of the best-reviewed cannabis dispensaries in the Central Valley. Our customers can attest to that. 

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Keep reading to learn more about socially-conscious cannabis consumption.

How to Find an Ethical Cannabis Brand

To find companies worthy of your support, you need to evaluate your beliefs and values and do a bit of additional research as well. Luckily, we’ve taken care of most of that. Even still, one should do the proper research if one wishes to be a more socially conscious cannabis consumer. Part of that research is asking the right questions: What do they believe in? What causes do they put their money towards? How do they conduct business? Are they inclusive

Below, we go into more detail on each subject:

Their Mission Statement

A brand’s mission statement is basically its set of beliefs written in prose. It’s also known as a manifesto, and it is often found on the company’s ‘About’ page. They outline what the brand stands for. Another way to get a sense of what a company is all about is to check out its social media pages.


Is a brand all talk, or does it back it up with undeniable actions and donations? Some companies publicize their charitable causes, while others like to be a bit more low-key about it. In addition to Google alerts and any press releases they may have done, there are tools out there that will help consumers research any philanthropic donations

Sourcing, Production & Labor Practices

On agricultural frontiers, minimal regulation and potential windfall profits drive opportunistic land use that often results in environmental damage.[4] How a company conducts its sourcing, production, and labor practices is an excellent indication of its ethical viability. A brand will usually publicize whether their products are certified Green, U.S.-Made, or carry the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) seal of approval. Sometimes, brands that use international parts and labor will donate to local causes in those areas.


It’s important to support companies that seek to have a diverse staff and a welcoming culture for all races, genders, and sexualities. A company should reflect its user base, and there is no more diverse group of people than cannabis enthusiasts. If a company doesn’t utilize fair hiring practices, it is time to support another company. Thankfully, tools like The Accountability List exist to provide consumers with the information they need to make more informed decisions

Examples of Ethical Cannabis Brands


Not only is vaping cannabis products more beneficial to the environment, but Puffco sources high-quality, non-toxic materials in their battery construction. Plus, their vape products don’t rely on plastic cartridges, allowing customers to refill their chamber with any kind of sauce or hash oil they please for a potent, sustained (and sustainable) high

Flow Kana

Flow Kana is a family-run farm that specializes in sustainable, sun-grown cannabis. Many of the farms that cultivate Flow Kana products are Sun + Earth Certified, which means they are committed to growing their flower “under the sun, in the soil of mother earth, without chemicals by fairly paid farmers.”

Friendly Farms

On top of producing excellent products, Friendly Farms has also implemented a Give Back Program to help tackle homelessness and the lack of youth support in local California communities. Through special events, they have raised thousands of dollars for charity and provided clothing and personal-care items to underserved communities in need of assistance. For every gram Friendly Farms sells, they donate a dollar to local homeless and youth organizations.

For a complete listing of all the brands we carry, please visit our product menus

Benefits of Conscientious Cannabis Consumption

  • Guilt-free highs
  • Adds pressure on other brands to do better ethically
  • It makes your voice heard through your wallet
  • Easy to do
  • Helps underserved communities
  • Supports workers and human rights
  • Lessens our carbon footprint
  • Reinvests in the economy


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How Can I Be a More Socially Conscious Cannabis Consumer?

You can be a more socially conscious consumer of cannabis by thoroughly researching the brand’s mission statement, philanthropic actions, product sourcing & production, as well as their diversity & inclusion practices.

Who Can Be A Socially Conscious Cannabis Consumer?

Anyone can do their part in the Central Valley as long as they are 21 years of age or older. Consumers should start out by educating themselves on the products they intend to purchase. 

What Is the Difference Between Legalization, Decriminalization, and Medical Marijuana?

Legalization is the removal of government penalties for possession and use.

Decriminalization means no jail or prison time but still involves penalties such as fines.

Medical marijuana is legal, but only for patients with a doctor’s prescription.

Is Cannabis Still Illegal at the Federal Level?

Yes, cannabis is still illegal at the federal level despite nearly universal support for legalization.

What’s the Difference Between THC and CBD?

THC is known for its euphoric, “high” feeling, while CBD is not intoxicating and has more understated health benefits.

What’s the Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

Indicas provide more of a “body” high, while sativas offer more of a “mind’ high. Hybrids of various strengths can be grown from both indicas and sativas to create a unique high.


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