Cannabis Treatment for Pain and Inflammation

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Why further enrich the pharmaceutical industry when relief from your inflammation and chronic pain can be found in a plant? 

Cannabis has been cultivated for centuries for its medicinal properties. Our modern times grant us instant access to infinite knowledge, but it seems we’ve had to rediscover the wisdom of the ancients. Their knowledge arose from an understanding of the interconnectedness between living things and their environment. Did you know there are specific receptors in human DNA that respond to the chemicals of the cannabis plant? That makes cannabis a pain prescription direct from Mother Nature

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Treat Pain and Inflammation Naturally with Cannabis 

Cannabis is good medicine. California led the nation in helping to make that open secret common knowledge. And while anecdotal evidence abounds for the herb’s healing effects, science has only just begun to tease out the “how” and “why” of what most of us have known all along: cannabis can be an all-natural remedy for pain and inflammation. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.  

All tangled up in the double helix of our DNA—and the DNA of many other mammals—are a pair of genes named cannabinoid receptor types 1 & 2 (CB1 & CB2, respectively). As the name “receptor” would imply, these genes make our cells receptive to the unique chemicals produced within the cannabis plant. CB1 is expressed primarily in the nervous system, where it is believed to play a leading role in many of the psychoactive effects we experience from ingesting cannabis. That’s how we get high. 

CB2, the diminutive partner in crime, is a little harder to pin down. It is expressed in the nervous system, too, but also in the gut and the tissues involved in our immune system. Recent studies indicate that CB2 is the responsible party for cannabis’ most beneficial medical applications.[1] 

Human Genes responsible for Cannabis’ Effects

Psychoactive Effects CBCB2
Immunosuppressant (Anti-Inflammatory) Effects
Eases Abdominal Pain

The chronic pain and inflammation of arthritis, for example, is caused by certain processes of the immune system gone awry. The CB2 receptors in our immune system act to modulate its most extreme responses upon contact with the chemical compounds in cannabis. CB2, once activated, muzzles the body’s inflammatory response.

Fibromyalgia is another chronic condition with a complex range of symptoms, irritable bowel syndrome among them. Well, it just so happens the CB2 receptors in the gastrointestinal tract respond positively to cannabinoid compounds as well. It’s remarkable how plants and animals have co-evolved to work together for the mutual benefit of both. Mother Nature’s best work, right there on display.[2] 

Everyone’s experience is unique, of course. But the mechanisms for relief are present and real.

Medical Cannabis by Medallion Wellness

Thankfully, much of the 20th-century propaganda around cannabis has begun to fade as more facts have come to light. The fact is, cannabis is much safer for treating pain and inflammation than many medical alternatives, especially opioids. The pharmaceutical industry caused a lot of damage to this country by pushing deadly, addictive opioids onto the market. It’s good to live in more enlightened times when medical cannabis is legal and available in abundant variety at Medallion Wellness.[3]             

There’s some basics to keep in mind when you’re shopping for the right cannabis product for you. One of them is the means of ingestion. 

Cannabis Flower

“Cannabis flower” describes the buds that have been harvested and cured directly from the plant. People have been smoking it for years. It’s the form most familiar to the average consumer and it offers its unique advantages. Some believe that one of them is that natural products tend to work best when they are unprocessed and unrefined. You get more than the active ingredients from the flower. You can get all the supporting and ancillary chemicals that non-western medicine would say are essential to holistic therapy

Cannabis Edibles 

Medallion’s ample selection of edibles may interest you. Edibles are food products, like chocolates or gummies—even flavored drinks—that have been infused with cannabis extracts. . People choose edibles because of their long-lasting potency. The “high” from edibles can feel more intense, and it may last longer than the “high” is from smoking.  Edibles typically take 30 to 60 minutes to kick in up to a couple of hours. You will want to be mindful of your dosage, always read the label carefully before you consume. 

Cannabis Topicals

Medallion also carries cannabis-infused topical oils and patches. These will deliver the medication directly to the point of discomfort. Although, as with any treatment that is administered topically, the benefits can be less dramatic. 

When shopping for cannabis, it’s helpful to view it as fitting into one of three basic categories: cannabis sativa, cannabis indica and hybrid varieties. The sheer number of cannabis strains can be intimidating to some people. And the availability of certain strains at Medallion is seasonal, as it is with any agricultural product. But whatever product we have in stock at the moment will almost always fall into one of those three categories, which will help guide your decision-making. 

Sativa tends to have stronger psychoactive properties and is more often used recreationally. Indica’s effects are experienced more in the body. Indica is more sought after by those seeking relief from pain or insomnia

Hybrid varieties are a mix of the two species. They combine some of the benefits of each.

Three Types of Cannabis

  • Cannabis Sativa 
  • Cannabis Indica 
  • Hybrid varieties 

THC and CBD are the cannabinoids that most directly affect human physiology. They both have medicinal value, but THC is the only one with psychoactive properties. Recent studies have shown that CBD is responsible for many of cannabis’ anti-inflammatory effects. It’s recommended that those seeking pain relief search for a high CBD content in their cannabis products. Most of our topical products at Medallion Wellness have been infused with CBD specifically for those suffering from pain and inflammation. 

These categories are helpful guidelines, but they are not hard and fast rules. As we’ll discuss below, the biochemicals in cannabis evolved to work in concert as part of a holistic healing process. THC and CBD complement each other by design and so some people find greater benefit from tinctures and creams containing some mix of the two.[4]    

Two Types of Cannabinoids 

  • THC – psychoactive properties & medicinal value 
  • CBD – medicinal value          

The Entourage Effect of Medical Cannabis

As the stigma on this ancient medicine has recently lifted, there has been a surge of interest in cannabis medical research. The stack of positive reports on the herb’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties grows with each passing season. 

A fact of the matter, however, is that medical science tends to view things somewhat limitedly, in a very linear fashion. It is bound by the “cause and effect” model which is admittedly useful, especially in medicine—take this pill and feel better. But biology doesn’t behave that way. It is impossible to ever truly isolate a set of organic variables when the essential mechanics of a living system relies on interdependence; everything operates in relation to everything else.   Enter: the “entourage effect.” The cannabis plant and human beings are both complex organisms that have co-evolved across the globe and through the millennia. Each of them has many thousands of genes involved in at least as many biological processes. This makes pointing to a single chemical in cannabis as the sole trigger for a particular human response quite a difficult task. 

The entourage effect takes into account the synergistic quality of natural medicines. Modern science is pretty clever about being able to find the singular relationships between certain cannabinoids and specific gene receptors, for example, but that’s not so different than reading the first and last pages of a book and thinking you have the whole story. The long narrative between plants and humans goes much deeper, with plenty of interesting supporting characters. 

All this means that, practically speaking, your search for the right cannabis medicine is a personal journey. Let alone the subjective nature of pain, your relationship with a particular cannabis strain, edible product or essential oil extract is yours alone. There will be guides on this healing journey, like the friendly and helpful staff at Medallion Wellness, whom we encourage you to consult with regularly. 

But, for heaven’s sake, please don’t wait for a scientific paper to be published in the New England Journal of Medicine before you take action. Relief from your arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even your back pain and chronic migraines, can be found right here on the fertile plans of the San Joaquin Valley.  

What is the Entourage Effect?

The entourage effect takes into account the synergistic quality of the biochemicals in natural medicines. Western medicine tends to be limited by a restrictive linear mindset in its search for a single chemical trigger. Other medical traditions appreciate that both illness and medicine are holistic processes. When purchasing cannabis, you should experiment with different varieties to see which treatment works best for you. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from an experienced cannabis professional.            

Medallion Wellness Cares

Nobody should have to endure chronic pain and inflammation when a safe, effective treatment is easily available. Cannabis is an ancient medicine, borne of ancient wisdom that acknowledges the essential connection between all living things. 

Contact the cannabis professionals at Medallion Wellness and begin your healing journey with us. Check out our Modesto and Atwater menus and give us a call at (888) 354-0139. And remember, Medallion Wellness delivers cannabis products right to your door!   


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