Dispensaries are Coming to Fresno

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Local officials are reviewing proposals for Fresno’s first retail cannabis dispensaries to make their debut in the city. Fresno is geographically at the heart of California, and cannabis is close to the heart of many Californians. Medallion Wellness has been dedicated to serving the Fresno area with fast and reliable cannabis delivery. Change is coming to Fresno’s cannabis community, but through it all, you know you can rely on your old friends at Medallion Wellness. In the past couple of months, there’s been some good news for our town. Late last year, the city government authorized 14 licenses for cannabis dispensaries, and the applications are in – over 100, in fact. (1)

And as industry veterans, we‘re celebrating this victory for our San Joaquin Valley cannabis colleagues. Part of the reason that cannabis was legalized was to allow this industry to benefit the larger community. Today, the cannabis industry is guided by regulations, serves an eager clientele, and is a major source of revenue for state and local governments.

If you follow this blog, you probably already know the peace of mind and advantages of buying from a licensed retailer (and the amazing convenience of delivery). Medallion Wellness is here for you. Give us a call at (559) 785-3559 to get cannabis delivered to you in Fresno, or stop by our locations in Modesto, Atwater, Merced, or Waterford. Let our energetic and creative team help you find your new favorite cannabis product. We hand-select all of our products, and are always happy to see you

Cannabis in the Community

Medallion Wellness is a pioneering California Commercial Cannabis Business Entity. We’re proud to have multiple locations and a delivery area that covers the San Joaquin Valley. We’re also passionate about educating our clients. It’s good to know where your cannabis comes from, and how it gets to you. But how did your favorite dispensary get to where it is today? 

It’s been a long, strange trip for cannabis entrepreneurs in California. Licenses, permits, regulations and fees abound. But when you look at the numbers, it’s hard to imagine how the Golden State got along without them.

Cannabis dispensaries are a huge source of tax revenue for city and state governments. California’s 2020 total cannabis tax revenue is estimated to top $1 billion, with $778.2 million reported as of last year’s 3rd quarter. That’s nearly double the amount the state raked in in 2019. (2) Things are on the up and up. And on a local level, that means that part of the money you’re spending on your flower, edibles, and concentrates is going back to benefit your neighborhood. 

What will it cost to buy Cannabis in Fresno?

Plan on factoring in these taxes to the price tag of your future Fresno shopping trip:

  • 15% state excise tax
  • 7.98% combined state and Fresno sales tax 
  • 4% city imposed cannabis tax  

Cannabis in Fresno has been in the works for several years. 

Fresno has established The Office of Cannabis Oversight, which reports that, as voted by Fresno City Council back in 2018, 90% of revenue generated from the Cannabis Business License Tax will fund “general revenue purposes, including “combating gangs, drug abuse, human trafficking, homelessness, and to fund police, fire, roads, and parks.” The other 10% is slated to go to a community benefit fund. (1)

Location, Location, Location

Zoning is a major issue for any dispensary setting up shop. There are many regulations about what can and can’t be within proximity of a dispensary. (3) Fresno city government has limited dispensaries to two per council district, and imposed fixed zoning for new dispensaries. However, they’ve also recommended possible retail locations. That’s more good news for the citizens of Fresno. Those vacant storefronts downtown and in the Tower District could soon be thriving businesses. Plus, with up to 14 new businesses opening in the city of Fresno, that could mean over 100 new jobs. In fact, the licensing advisor for one dispensary estimated that each store could eventually hire up to 25 employees, depending on the size and location. That could mean 350 new jobs for Fresno.

Dispensary Regulations

Retail cannabis is heavily regulated for the entrepreneurs bold enough to strike out and found their own dispensary. It’s also a major investment.

A recent local news report noted that Fresno’s Commercial Cannabis Business Permit application process costs around $20,000. But there’s still the expense of renovating retail spaces, some of them derelict, and getting them up to code. Fresno City Council President Miguel Arias admitted that: “The average cost to make a retail dispensary operational is $1.5 million. When you go through the permitting, construction, the acquisition of property, renovation of the property, it’s not a cheap endeavor.” 

Fresno’s city regulations dictate requirements for storefront design, ventilation, security, signage, and more. But, where there’s a will there’s a way! Dispensaries are estimated to be opening late in the summer of 2021, as City Council is still reviewing the final permit applicants. Until then, Medallion is here to serve and delight, as always

So, the next time you enjoy a delicious edible, light a joint, or fire up a bowl, say a little thank you to your dispensary for hanging in there. And, you never know, your pot might be filling in some pot holes…

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Are there cannabis dispensaries in Fresno?

There will be soon. Fresno city council is currently reviewing Commercial Cannabis Business Permit applications, and city officials estimate that dispensaries will be able to open for business by fall of 2021.

Why is the tax on my cannabis so high?

Cannabis sold at dispensaries is taxed by the city, and the state of California. California charges a 15% excise tax on cannabis. You also still have to pay regular retail sales tax, since you are buying a product from a commercial retail establishment. On top of that, cities charge an additional city tax on cannabis. This tax will vary from city to city.

Where will the tax money go from cannabis sold in Fresno?

Fresno City Council voted that 90% of revenue generated would go to fund roads, parks, fighting homelessness and gang violence, among other civic causes. The remaining 10% of cannabis tax revenue will be put towards a community benefit fund.


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