How to Roll the Perfect Joint

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Cannabis culture is all about using weed your way. There are many ways to do so, but the most popular way is to smoke it. Whether you get ready-to-smoke prerolls, or if you roll your joints yourself, the art of smoking is a thing to behold. But if you’re relatively new to weed and you’ve ventured beyond pre-rolls, it can be difficult to know how to get the most out of your flower.

Between 50-60% of cannabis users choose to smoke their weed. (1) And in California, every other THC option is available too, from tinctures to gummies, infused drinks to churro krispies! And here at Medallion Wellness, we not only provide the flower, but also the advice that will help you to blaze brightly!

Order all of your weed supplies in one convenient spot. Make your selections online for delivery in Modesto, Merced, Fresno, and Waterford and you’ll be well on your way to sitting down and rolling the perfect joint! Order online or call (209) 222-3110 for specific queries. You can also fill out our online form if you have questions.

Some Assembly Required

Rolling your own joints can be a therapeutic process. In fact, many people have a routine time and place to sit down and spend time getting a few done in one session. That way, they’re ready to smoke on the go, or at a moment’s notice


You’ll need a flat surface to arrange your materials such as a coffee table or large tray. This surface should preferably be indoors, away from any drafts. You don’t want your beautiful buds and rolling materials flying away or disappearing under the couch, so turn down the AC too! Consider investing in a designated rolling tray and an airtight storage tin for your finished joints. That way, nothing is wasted, your joints stay fresh and dry, and no breakages happen after you’ve put the time and effort into constructing them!

What You’ll Need for Rolling

  • Quality Rolling Papers
  • Weed Grinder
  • Tip/Filter (Optional)
  • Long, Thin Packing Implement 
  • A Smooth, Flat Surface
  • Premium Cannabis Flower

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Weed for Delivery in Central California

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Curbside Pickup

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Preparing Your Weed

Made famous by Snoop Dogg’s famous lines at the end of 2001’s Still D.R.E., line No stress, no seeds, no stems, no sticks” is actually giving some great rolling advice. Good quality flowers still need preparation, as the THC-rich trichomes are what you’re looking for. Make sure all the stems are removed, then use a grinder to make the pieces of flower that remain smaller. You now have your milled bud!

Do I Need a Filter/Crutch?

Not necessarily, but it does help. Be aware that rigid material helps with structural integrity. Many people accordion-roll a small, rectangular piece of packaging from their papers (a crutch or roach). Others like to use premade filters for a smoother experience. Without anything at the end, taking a puff can cause the opening to close up, making the draw more difficult. Worst-case scenario is too much saliva, as this can over-wet the joint. So it may be good to have something to hand to stop it from collapsing in on itself.

How Much Weed?

To keep your joint burning, you have to strike a fine balance. If you put too much shake in and pack it too tightly, it might be harder to get a good roll, and it may even break mid-roll! This means your precious weed is likely to fall out, well…everywhere. And if you don’t put enough in, you risk patches that will burn down too quickly, so the joint may go out and you’ll have to relight it.

Ready to Roll

There are a few ways you can roll. If you’re using a rolling machine, you just need to follow the directions it came with. But if you’re rolling freehand, you’ll need to follow a few steps.

  1. Hold a rolling paper lengthwise and place your crutch at one end. Most people find placing it on their dominant side helps with rolling control. The paper’s glued edge should be at the top.
  2. Cradling the paper with your fingers, place your flower into the V-shape you have made.
  3. Carefully pinch either end of your joint and roll the flower together between your thumb and fingers to pack it.
  4. This is the tricky part. At the crutch end, guide the paper around it as you’re rolling and tuck it underneath. Make sure the unglued edge of the paper is flush with the crutch, this will ensure a tight fit.
  5. Moisten the glue at the top edge of the paper, then roll the entire joint tightly. Affix the glued edge.
  6. Use a long, thin implement such as a pen or hairpin to pack the flower, then twist the open end of the paper shut.

Types of Joint

  • L-Paper/Two-Paper Joint – This involves placing a second paper at an L-shaped (or smaller) angle at the open end of the paper. 
  • Tipped – Joint with a filter at one end, for smoother smoking.
  • Pinner – A minimally-packed, personal-sized  joint.
  • Spliff – A joint containing rolling tobacco and cannabis.

Joints vs. Blunts

If you’re new to cannabis, you may be wondering exactly what the differences are between some ways to smoke flower, and which is better. But really, once you find out what the simple differences are, it’s down to your personal preference!

Rolling a joint involves using one or more rolling papers. But blunts are different as they involve rolling with a blunt wrap. The blunt wrap itself is dried tobacco leaf, either whole or reformed from tobacco pulp. You can repurposed wraps from cigarillos (small cigars) by emptying out the tobacco, but you can also buy wraps specifically for rolling blunts. Interestingly, scientific studies have shown that blunts are becoming more popular than joints, especially with young adults. (2) Generally, blunts are larger and burn for longer, making them a good choice to share with friends.


We won’t lie, every cannabis lover at one stage or another has had a joint break on us. For whatever reason, whether it’s damp paper, ripped paper, or a harder stem that has slipped through, sometimes a quick joint repair is in order. If there is stem debris in there, you’ll need to remove it carefully with tweezers or scissors before patching the joint. And before your repair job, you’ll need to find patching material. Part of another paper, or a section of paper towel can be used here.

To patch a joint, you’ll need to do the following.

  1. Check to see the size and shape of the hole.
  2. Make a small patch large enough to fit over the hole, but not too big, as this will affect how well the joint burns down.
  3. Use just enough moisture on the patch to secure it onto your joint. Too much could further damage your creation!
  4. Wrap the joint with its “band aid” gently, to avoid further damage.

Record-Breaking Rolls

Longest Joint: 98.4 ft (30 meters), 2017 Harvest Cup, Massachusetts (2.2 lb/1000g of cannabis)

Largest Joint: 4.20 lb (1.90kg), 2016, Tony Greenhand, joint-rolling artist

Most Expensive Joint: $24K joint, 2018 Stone Road Farms charity auction, rolled by Weavers

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  1. Steigerwald S, Wong PO, Cohen BE, et al. Smoking, Vaping, and Use of Edibles and Other Forms of Marijuana Among U.S. Adults. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2018;169(12):890. doi:10.7326/m18-1681
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