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One of the few positive things to come out of the 21st century is the gradual legalization of cannabis in North America (congrats to NY, btw).

Sales of medical cannabis in the United States have increased from $5.5 billion in 2015 to $6.7 billion in 2016.[1] For a long time, the business of cannabis had no need for marketing or branding. Consumers had to rely on word-of-mouth or whatever was available at the time because that was just the way things were. With the War on Drugs largely recognized as a failure and with nationalized legalization coming ever closer to reality, cannabis marketing has expanded into its own trade. 

Currently, cannabis brands have to navigate a confusing patchwork of state-level trademark laws to cobble together whatever common-law rights they can muster.[2] In an effort to keep up with the competition, cannabis brands have now started to put more time and effort into their graphic design and packaging

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Keep reading to see what Medallion Wellness thinks are the best current examples of cannabis branding.

What Makes Good Branding?

Any good brand, not just a cannabis brand, has:

  • Consistent messaging across all forms of media from the logo to printed materials in ads
  • A positive emotional response evoked from the target audience
  • Motivations for people to buy your product
  • A sense of business credibility
  • An effectively communicated culture
  • Brand recognition, which encourages customer loyalty

Examples of Great Cannabis Brands


  • Korova
    • With their strikingly artsy packaging and high-quality products, it’s a no-brainer listing Korova as one of our favorite cannabis brands.
    • Korova products come in flower and pre-rolled joints and blunts.
  • Dime Bag
    • If you’re looking for something that’s affordable, but gives you the most bang for your buck, then this is your brand. Dimebag has tons of options from flower, packs, and single joints that won’t put too much strain on your wallet. 


  • Heavy Hitters
    • The name is pretty self-explanatory. Heavy hitters pack a ton of potency in a small package. They only use the most purified and rigorously-tested ingredients to deliver a clean, deliciously strong hit every time. 
  • Friendly Farms
    • Not only does this company produce excellent products with tastefully presented packaging, but they also give back to the community. 
    • Friendly Farms has implemented a Give Back Program to help tackle homelessness and the lack of youth support in local California communities.
    • For every gram Friendly Farms sells, they donate a dollar to local homeless and youth organizations.


  • Smokiez
    • There should be a law against making edibles taste too good. If you like getting lit with a sweet tooth, then Smokiez’ line of high-potency fruit chews is just what the doctor ordered.
    • They come in a variety of flavors, but one of our favorites is their blue raspberry.
  • Kiva 
    • This one is for all the chocolate lovers out there. By teaming up with master chocolatiers and growers, Kiva has proven themselves to be #1 in the field of edibles with their premium award-winning line of cannabis-infused products. Their understated packaging sure isn’t bad either. 
  • Wyld
    • From the Pacific Northwest, this company sets itself apart with its earthy packaging and artisanally gourmet line of gummies. Made to be enjoyed while hiking amongst nature, Wyld makes for a perfect travel companion.


  • Stiizy
    • Stiiizy isn’t just a cannabis company. They are practically a whole lifestyle brand with various collabs, accessories, and apparel to match. Their reputation is well-earned as their badders and resins are super gunky and will elevate you to new heights.
  • Raw Garden
    • Raw Garden’s line of sauces and resins and their subtly presented packaging is exciting to us. Maybe it’s their tasteful packaging. Maybe it’s their tangy aromas. Maybe it’s the way it launches those euphoric peaks. It’s all those things and more. 
    • Raw Garden uses a cryogenic freezing technique to capture the essence of their cannabis plants. Then they extract the oil from the frozen plants to create their patented Raw Garden Live Resin and Refined Live Resin products.  
  • Cream Of the Crop
    • Sometimes, it’s okay to judge a book by its cover. CotC’s Sativa Bellini Sauce is an excellent case study in branding. We love its packaging and especially its name: Bellini Sauce. It conjures images of buzzed brunchy afternoons with your best friends. Highly recommended. 


  • El Blunto 
    • With their mischievous name and exquisite packaging, El Blunto is a no-brainer for all the blunt smokers out there. El Blunto has got your back.
    • Born from a desire for craftsmanship, El Blunto uses age-old techniques from master cigar-rollers to create products of the highest caliber with the highest level of finishing.
  • Jeeter
    • Jeeters are guaranteed to take you to another galaxy with their various lines of infused and non-infused prerolled joints. 
    • Enhanced joints are infused with distillate oil and dusted with generous amounts of kief for a cosmically dank experience.
    • Joints come in regular and mini sizes.
  • Monkey Mix
    • The Monkey Mix pre-rolls are the perfect way to enjoy top-shelf flower without the hassle of rolling a joint yourself. It’s a perfectly balanced blend of buds from their most popular strains which–when smoked together– synthesize to produce a heavy body-high and an elevated mood.


  • Poppa & Barkley
    • Poppa & Barkley’s cannabis-infused line of topical creams looks like they would be more at home next to Burt’s Bees than at your local dispensary. But that’s what we love about it. Their products are not only soothing and effective, but their packaging is tasteful and discreet. 


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cannabis delivery modesto

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What Makes a Great Cannabis Brand?

What makes a great cannabis brand, as with any brand, is a consistent look and message across all mediums, encouraging customer loyalty through recognition, cultivating a credible appearance, an appealing culture, and, most importantly, a great product.

Is Marijuana Still Illegal at the Federal Level?

Yes, marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. People have been working tirelessly to put legalization into law.

Is There a Difference Between THC and CBD?

THC is known for its euphoric, “high” feeling, while CBD is not really intoxicating and has more subtle health-based benefits.

Is There a Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

Indicas provide more of a “body” high, while sativas provide more of a “mind” high. Hybrids of differing strengths can be grown from both indicas and sativas. 


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