What are Terpenes and Why Do They Matter?

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Terpenes: The Aromatic Wonders of the Weed World

The terpene profile of your weed is one of the ways you can tell the difference between good, really good, and exceptional products. Most people who use cannabis have heard of terpenes, but few take the time to deep dive into why they are so important in the cannabis world. 

Terpenes are not only the natural compounds responsible for the aromatic characteristics of cannabis, but they’re also responsible for the fragrance, taste, and pigment of many other plants. (1)(2) The innate medicinal properties in terpenes have been used in folk medicine for thousands of years, and their unique benefits go farther than just making your weed smell nice. In fact, they may work coefficiently with cannabinoids to enhance our high! Navigate your way through the world of weed with Medallion Wellness. Serving customers throughout Central California, we deliver top-shelf cannabis products to you! Order online from our extensive local menus for curbside pickup or delivery. Call (888) 354-0139 or fill out our online form if you need any further assistance.

Terpenes & The Entourage Effect

Also known as isoprenoids, terpenes have undergone several scientific studies to examine their properties; what they do, and how they do it. But, scientists have only just scratched the surface in this area. What we do know is that plants such as cannabis create terpenes as protection from herbivorous animals or to lure pollinating insects. They’re bitter, so that puts off grazing animals that would otherwise consider these leaves to be a good meal. Every strain of plant that contains them has a different, unique blend of terpenes, with some being more prominent and medicinally beneficial than others. For example, one terpene popular in folk medicine, circumin, has a wealth of healing properties, as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer, antiseptic, antiplasmodial, astringent, digestive, and diuretic agent! (2)

Terpenes In My Tea?

Currently, there are over seven hundred different strains of cannabis, and over 100 chemically identified terpenes in your weed! And, when you open your storage container, one of the first things you notice about your product is how it smells. Some flower is lemony, some sweet-smelling, while others have dank, earthy notes. Some cannabis aromas have even been likened to an IPA! All of this comes down to terpenes. 

However, terpenes are not unique to cannabis. In fact, some other things that are commonly found in our households contain them, including:

  • Tea
  • Citrus Fruit
  • Mangoes
  • Apples
  • Herbs
  • Coffee

What is the Entourage Effect?

In cannabis plants, terpenes are produced in the gland-like appendages called trichomes, the same place that THC is made. They are thought to contribute to the metabolization of psychoactive effects of THC in the body’s endocannabinoid system. Both substances work synergistically to help you attain a “higher high.” This is known in scientific circles as the Entourage Effect. But what are some of the most common terpenes in your weed, and what do they do?

Common Terpenes in Cannabis


Myrcene has a relaxing, sedative effect on cannabis users. Interestingly, it’s also found in hops, mangoes, and thyme. It’s a cannabinoid synergist, meaning it allows more THC to reach the brain. (3) Two common cannabis strains with high levels of myrcene are Blue Dream and Sour Diesel. In fact, you may have heard that eating mango before you smoke enhances your high, and there’s definitely some truth in that! Myrcene is renowned for the “body buzz” high that may keep you in one place (such as the couch) for long periods of time. It may also be responsible for those uninhibited giggles when something funny hits you in just the right way!


This aromatic pine-scented terpene is a frequent note on the nose of cannabis lovers. Unlike some terpenes found in cannabis, pinene can keep you more alert. What’s more, it’s an effective anticoagulant, with antitumor, antimicrobial, and antimalarial attributes when used therapeutically. (4) There are two types of pinene; alpha and beta. Alpha-pinene is more abundant in cannabis and is actually the most abundant terpenoid found in nature. (5) Although, many strains also contain beta-pinene.  In medicine, it can be used as a topical antiseptic, expectorant (medication that loosens mucus), and bronchodilator (a substance that makes it easier to breathe) . (6)


Cannabis Atwater

Cannabis strains like Lemon Kush are high in concentrations of a sharp on the nose, citrusy terpene called limonene. Studies show that limonene enhances the properties of other terpenes. (2) As the name suggests, this terpene is also present in citrus peel. It is known to have relaxing,  mood-elevating properties and has been used for its antibacterial qualities in medical settings.


Caryophyllene is a common terpene in cannabis that contributes to the entourage effect and also has medical benefits. Perhaps surprisingly, in addition, it’s both a preventive and curing treatment for the mosquito-borne disease malaria.(2) As well as cannabis, it’s commonly found in green vegetables, black pepper, cloves, and cotton. 


Cannabis Fresno

Linalool is an essential aromatic found in cannabis and other plants such as lavender and coriander. Its fragrance can best be described as flowery and citrusy. It has anti-inflammatory, antidepressive, antimicrobial, and neuroprotective properties among its numerous medicinal benefits. Cannabis users find it has a mellowing, relaxing quality when ingested.


Delta-3-Carene may be responsible for some less enjoyable weed side-effects, namely cottonmouth and the dreaded dry eye! It has a sweet aromatic quality and is also found in lemons, rosemary, and cedar wood. Even though, at first glance, it may appear “less desirable” than the rest, research suggests that Delta-3-Carene may be responsible for promoting healthy bones, enhancing concentration, and reducing inflammation.

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Terpene Medleys at Medallion

The selection of cannabis products available these days is vast. But where do terpenes fall into this equation? There’s certainly a difference in terpene profiles between strains. Indica varieties, generally known for their more mellow high, have a terpene profile that tends to be more acrid and skunky. In contrast, sativa varieties generally have a more energized high and a sweeter, herbal aroma. (7) Here are a few of our products alongside the most prominent benefits of their terpenes!


Black Sapphire Harle Tsu-CBD – Krucial (Hybrid)

Major Terpenes: myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene

Benefits: relaxing, anti-inflammatory, pain-reducing

Take relaxation to the next level with this 15.51% CBD flower! High CBD strains are great for people who lead hectic, stressful lives and want something that makes them feel at ease and light as a feather.


Flo-White 6 Pack Pre-Rolls – Lowell (Sativa)

Major Terpenes: limonene, beta-myrcene, beta-caryophyllene

Benefits: strong, energizing, intense high

This is a daytime smoke that’s great for people who want to get active at the gym or find their creativity. These pre-rolls from Lowell pack some power with up to 28% THC content!


Marionberry Gummies – WYLD (Indica)

Major Terpenes: myrcene, linalool, beta-caryophyllene

Benefits: full-body high, relaxing, calming

These delicious fruity chews are another knockout gummy product from boutique edibles brand WYLD. They’re a great preparatory measure for bedtime and an effective way to unwind after a long, stressful day.


Rolex OG Live Resin Budder – Beezle (Hybrid)

Major Terpenes: limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene

Benefits: social, clean smoking, uplifting

This live resin has a mood-enhancing, cerebral effect. It’s known to combat anxiety and enhance your mood. Freshly cut plants are immediately frozen to preserve their natural terpene content, then processed. Use this resin in your dab rig for a more relaxed, social experience.


Do-Si-Dos Disposable Vape Pen – STIIIZY (Hybrid)

Major Terpenes: limonene, caryophyllene, myrcene

Benefits: relaxing, happy, euphoric

The well-established Stiiizy brand brings us a ½ gram disposable cartridge with botanically derived terpenes and balanced aroma and taste. It’s a relaxing smoke that’s great for socializing and getting comfortable with friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do terpenes make you high?

Although terpenes alone don’t get you high, they may work with cannabinoids like THC to enhance your cannabis experience. Some terpenes have specific psychoactive effects that, among other benefits, can enhance relaxation, increase productivity, uplift mood, ease anxiety, and reduce inflammation.

Are cannabinoids and terpenes the same?

Both cannabinoids and terpenes are present in cannabis, but they do not function in quite the same way. Put simply, the cannabinoid THC is the compound responsible for your high, while the terpenes in your weed can enhance and augment that feeling. Terpene profiles vary vastly between different strains, so it’s important to speak to a knowledgeable budtender to find the products that fit your needs best.

Why does some weed smell more than others?

The smell of your weed, smoked or unsmoked, can be quite potent! Many of its aromatic qualities come from organic terpenes such as limonene and pinene, which enhance flavor and contribute to the psychoactive properties of cannabis. Each strain of cannabis has a specific terpene profile, and therefore its own unique experience.


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