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Cannabis Concentrates

Many people are looking for a way to use cannabis to achieve their intended results. Whether to manage medical concerns, to relax and ease anxiety, or to experience an enjoyable high, concentrates can be a way to get what you are looking for without needing to smoke cannabis flower.

There are a variety of concentrates on the market that provide precise dosing. From tinctures and vaporizer cartridges to hash and shatter, concentrates can be a convenient way to get what you need in an effective manner.

What are Concentrates?

Concentrates are products derived from specific parts of the cannabis flower that have increased cannabinoids and terpenes per ounce when compared to flower. Trichomes contain the most desirable compounds of the plant. By focusing on the trichomes, concentrates have enhanced potency for the user’s desired effect.

Concentrates can zero-in on the THC, CBD, or an equal balance of the two compounds without needing to smoke. They are available as oils, capsules, solids, and other ingestible products. 

It is important to know the details of the concentrates you are choosing to use. Quality cannabis products are the safest and most effective at delivering accurate doses; giving you what you want, when you want it. 

What are Trichomes?


Trichomes are small glandular projections that coat the entire cannabis plant and are found in vast quantities on the flower buds. They house the CBD, THC, and terpenes found in cannabis. When made into a concentrate, users can generally expect a quicker onset, a more potent dose, and a variety of options for consuming cannabis.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the compounds that affect the flavor, scent, and physiological effects such as relaxation or elevating qualities of cannabis. Terpenes’ compositions contribute to identifying different strains of cannabis, including pinpointing their therapeutic properties

Types of Concentrates

There are many types of concentrates on the market, each providing a different experience for each user. Depending on your preferred method of consumption, you may choose quick ingestion or a more immersive experience. Medallion Wellness offers a plethora of cannabis concentrates at our Modesto and Atwater locations to meet your specific needs.


Capsules are ingestible pills that provide a simple way to consume THC or CBD. Individuals usually prefer this method when cannabis is used for medicinal purposes and/or they prefer more exact dosing. This allows for consistent effects after each use. Capsules are taken through the mouth, absorbed in the digestive tract, and metabolized by the liver.  

cannabis capsules

Cannabis capsules can contain ground decarboxylated flower, crystalline, distillate, a single cannabinoid, multiple cannabinoids, full-spectrum of cannabinoids, or nutraceutical oils. The ingredients in a capsule will determine its effects on the individual. It is advised that a person start with a low dose and titrate up slowly until the desired effect is reached. 

Timed-Release Capsules

Timed-Release Capsules are digested by the body like other ingestible products, however, the capsules’ outer shell contains ingredients that neutralize stomach acid, allowing for a slower release of the capsule’s contents. This causes a prolonged time to action. So, you may experience physiological effects for a longer period of time or an effect that is delayed.  

Immediate-Release Capsules

Immediate-Release Capsules are also digested and metabolized in the body. Instead of having a prolonged or delayed effect, immediate-release pills begin breaking down much like food you ingest. THC in capsules is metabolized by the liver into a compound called 11-hydroxy-THC. It has a longer half-life and can be more sedating than THC alone. 


Tinctures are available in both our Atwater and Modesto dispensaries. Tinctures are edible products that contain decarboxylated cannabis to ensure the cannabinoids are in an active state. They come in glass bottles and have a dropper that is used for precise dosing. Tinctures take about 30 minutes to take effect. They are made with an alcohol solvent and contain alcohol in the end product. Tinctures can be taken under the tongue, orally, or used on food. Tinctures can come in THC only, CBD only, or as a combination product. 

Hash (Hashish)

Hash is a pressed concentrate of the trichomes from the cannabis plant. These tiny glands are separated from the plant and are pressed together to create hash. The resin produced by the glands is called kief and is extremely potent. It can contain up to 80% THC. Hash can be smoked, dabbed, or vaporized. It has been reported to produce a shorter high with an enhanced ability to focus on more creative tasks.

Vaporizer Cartridges

Vaporizer cartridges are usually attached to a battery-operated apparatus. Individuals report that popular vaporizers, such as pens and portable vaporizers are easy to use and take on the go. Vape oil cartridges come in different compositions due to different extraction methods. 

CO2 Oil 

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is used as a solvent in Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE). SFE solvents fluctuate between liquid, solid, and gaseous states when exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures. This property makes CO2 effective in breaking down cannabis’ molecular structures to allow for the separation of the various CBD, THC, and terpene components. 

Cannabis oil used in vaporizer cartridges using supercritical CO2 (sc-CO2) can contain 8%-10% terpenes by mass compared to lower percentages from other extraction methods. This potentially gives the user a more potent extract as the terpenes remain intact. 

Sc-CO2 extraction is considered an efficient, purer method since CO2 is a naturally occurring substance. Because there is more terpene content in CO2 oil, it is a thinner, or less viscous end product, making it great for vape pens. 


Distillate oils are refined to contain pure cannabinoids and not much of anything else. A cannabis oil distillate for consumption will contain THC or CBD with as much as 99% purity. Because of the lack of terpenes, the oil is thicker. This requires a thinning agent to cut the viscosity of the oil in order to make it compatible with many vaporizers, although there are distillate vaporizers on the market.

The distillation process includes crude oil extraction, such as sc-CO2 extraction, followed by a process called winterization where the extract is mixed with ethanol to remove impurities from the oil.

The ethanol is then filtered out and decarboxylation of the compounds follows. This is to activate the cannabinoids to make them provide the desired effects for the user. Distillation is the final step where the desired cannabinoid, CBD or THC, is separated from terpenes and other cannabinoids. 


Dabs are usually THC concentrates that can be used with a dab rig. They come in various consistencies, but the general experience is the same. The concentrate of choice is “dabbed” onto the appropriate area of a dab rig, it vaporizes, and the user inhales the vapor into the lungs. Dabbing allows the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream quickly, providing users with an almost instantaneous time to action. Because of its high potency and quick effect time, individuals can use less product to achieve their desired outcome. Thus, you only need a “dab” to get a significant effect. 


Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that resembles amber-colored glass. The end product is usually either vaporized or dabbed using a vape pen or dab rig. Shatter contains about 50%-90% THC and CBD, by weight and is a very efficient way to consume cannabis


Budder has a butter-like consistency and is golden in color. It can be scooped and spread easily. Budder gets its consistency from agitating the product during the extraction process. Budder can contain 70% or more of THC, making for a powerful dabbing experience

Concentrates from Medallion Wellness

Everyone’s experience with cannabis is unique. There are many other concentrates available on the market in addition to this list. At Medallion Wellness, we are committed to providing high-quality cannabis products and service to make your experience with us worthwhile. 

We offer a wide range of concentrates in our Modesto and Atwater locations to meet your specific needs. If you have any questions about vaporizers, hash, tinctures, or any other products, give us a call at 888.354.0139 or visit one of our convenient locations today. Our helpful team members will be happy to assist you.



Just like any other product, it is advised that you seek out reputable sources. Knowing your cannabis products come from high-quality vendors and are made using the best methods can keep you safe. Medallion Wellness only sources cannabis and cannabis products with excellent standards while providing you with an amazing experience. 


It is not advised that you attempt to make cannabis concentrates at home. Some methods of extraction and the potential for inaccurate dosing are extremely dangerous. Also, depending on your jurisdiction, it may be against the law to possess or create cannabis products at home. To ensure your safety, consult with one of our team members at our Atwater or Modesto locations for your cannabis needs. We have a variety of products to help you attain your desired effect. 

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