Weed Delivery Near Me

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Weed delivery is a service that brings your fresh order of flower, edibles, tincture, or other products directly to your doorstep. We understand clients may want to stay home and simply receive deliveries. We accommodate our wonderful community by offering delivery across the Central Valley.

We Drive, You Thrive at Home

Cannabis Delivery San Jose

Do you ever have those days where you just don’t want to leave your home? Maybe it’s hot outside. Maybe you want to avoid contact with strangers. Perhaps it’s raining and you don’t want to put on layers of clothes. On days you don’t want to leave your humble abode, contact Medallion Wellness for all your cannabis delivery needs. 

Medallion Wellness offers comprehensive delivery services in Modesto and the surrounding Central Valley communities. At Medallion Wellness, we are focused on bringing you the highest quality cannabis products at affordable prices. We want the entire process to be as simple and easy for you as possible. You can browse through our menus now or give us a call to learn more about delivery options.

Modesto delivery: (209) 222-3110 

Atwater delivery: (559) 785-3559

Weed Delivery Made Easy

Delivery follows several simple steps for your convenience:

  1. Shop – View our hundreds of products and select your favorites. Maybe try something new.
  2. Checkout – Once you have placed your order you will receive a message from one of our Canna-guides.
  3. Delivery – When your order is ready for delivery you will receive an ETA and tracking link Via text message once your driver is en route to your location.
  4. Delivery Minimums – Vary by Location
  5. Enjoy – Cannabis delivery has never been easier.

Delivery Hours

Modesto: Delivery is offered 11am – 8pm, 7 days a week.

Atwater: Delivery is offered 11am – 8pm, 7 days a week. 

Delivery Area

We have an extensive delivery area. It stretches from Pleasanton in the west to Sonora in the east and from Lodi in the north to Northern Fresno in the south. Our cannabis delivery range also covers Chowchilla, Tracy, Manteca, Turlock, Oakdale, Madera, Gustine, Catheys Valley, Los Banos, Patterson, Copperopolis, and most of Stockton. Wherever you partake, we can drop off your favorite product. 

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Premium Delivery Menu

We offer a diverse range of cannabis products for delivery. From the high-end premium strains to great bargains on bulk buys, we can match you with the right product for you. Whether you are a recreational or medical client we look forward to transporting your favorite strains to your doorstep. We have lab-tested products that guarantee their quality.

  • Flower – We maintain a selection of premium cannabis flower at a range of price points. Whether you are looking for some light Sativa for lunch break relaxation or you want stronger high-grade Indica to watch your favorite shows in the evening, we can supply your needs.
  • Edibles – Edibles are also popular, be it gummies, chocolates, or baked treats. We keep ourselves well stocked in edibles available for delivery to ensure you always have a variety to choose from. From high-THC chocolates to high CBD lozenges, we can make your tastes with the right edible.
  • Tinctures – Tinctures are a fast-growing category of cannabis products. Small, portable, and easy to ingest, tinctures are a great product for delivery. We follow all the latest trends in cannabis products and ensure we can provide all the premium products our clients crave. High CBD tinctures have proven to be extremely hot lately so we’ve kept them in stock for your benefit.
  • Concentrate – Popular among the connoisseurs, we offer a variety of concentrate products for your needs. We carry live and cured concentrate to satisfy all preferences. To suit all preferences, we have shatter, crumble, resin, and rosin. Whatever product you like to dab, we can deliver it to your doorstep.
  • Cartridges – Cartridges offer an easy way to consume cannabis. They provide a clean hit along with a great taste. If you enjoy vaping as your preferred method of inhaling, we can supply you with whichever types of cartridges you love. Just check the cartridges box on our menu and browse through our offerings.
  • Topicals – If you are experiencing discomfort or have an injury, you might want to avoid driving all the way into our storefront. Get your preferred topic product delivered right to your front door instead of battling through traffic and potential discomfort.
  • Capsules – Capsules are one of the most convenient varieties of cannabis products. You just swallow the pill and relax while the cannabinoids and terpenes get to work on your behalf.
  • Pre-rolls – Don’t want to take the time to roll your own but you just want to sit back and enjoy your favorite strain the old-fashioned way? We also have a wide array of pre-rolleds on hand and available for delivery. We carry basic pre-rolls at a value and we carry premium infused pre-rolls with oil, kief, or resin mixed in for a strong and satisfying experience. Pre-rolleds aren’t just a bargain basement purchase, we have some of the finest pre-rolleds on the market.

Curbside Pickup

By popular demand, we have implemented a curbside pickup system for your convenience. Don’t want to enter the store and just have your order dropped off at your car? No problem. We’ve listened to our community’s demands and implemented new curbside pickup. Please note that curbside pickup is only available for online orders and we can only accept cash.

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Your Medallion Wellness Community

Medallion Wellness was founded on the principle of serving our community needs. We offer only the highest quality products available in the Central Valley and focus on providing our clients with 5-star customer service. We welcome all clients whether you are a resident new to the area, a new cannabis user, or a long-time Central Valley aficionado. We constantly strive to make cannabis purchasing as easy and stress-free as possible. Our clients appreciate our confidentiality and our dedication to making the process as simple and enjoyable as possible. Our canna-guides sit ready to transport your cannabis order directly to your home.

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Medallion Wellness Blog

To provide our clients with the latest news and updates in the world of cannabis, we maintain a blog that contains a lot of useful information. Are you curious about the benefits of CBD? Have you ever wondered if it’s okay to give your pet cannabis products? Do you want to know what terpenes are and why people are talking about them? Cannabis has been cultivated for over 4,000 years.[1] It’s also one of the most complex plants in existence with over 400 chemical entities.[2] Just follow our blog and keep up-to-date on the newest discoveries in cannabis culture.

How Much Does Cannabis Delivery Cost Near Me?

Our delivery minimum order will vary by location. We keep our menu updated daily. It reflects our current inventory and the price of all our products. Make sure to check online or by calling our locations to find out what the minimum order to qualify for delivery will be.

Modesto delivery: (209) 222-3110 

Atwater delivery: (559) 785-3559


Is there a minimum amount for delivery?

Yes. Our delivery minimums vary depending on your location. Browse through our menu or give us a call to find out what your minimum amount is to qualify for delivery.

Is there a maximum for delivery?

Yes. We cannot deliver more than 28.5 grams (1 ounce) of flower or 8 grams worth of cannabis concentrate at one time to recreational clients. To medical clients, we can deliver up to 8 ounces of cannabis products.

Do I need to be present for delivery?

Yes. You will need to receive our canna-guide, show your ID, and provide payment for delivery. To ensure you receive your order, we don’t just drop off packages on doorsteps and drive away.

Will my neighbors or co-workers know I am having cannabis delivered? 

No. We value confidentiality and respect your privacy. Our drivers come in unmarked cars and our packages do carry any identifiable branding on the exterior. We don’t believe there should be any stigma to cannabis but to protect our clients, we recognize some neighbors might not be so accommodating.

Can you deliver to any location?

Not quite. We can deliver to residences, which means houses, apartments, and hotels. If you’re curious if your current location qualifies, give us a call.

Can you ship cannabis?

Unfortunately, since cannabis has not yet been made legal federally, we cannot ship cannabis outside our delivery area. We look forward to the day that cannabis is legalized on a national level (it’s way past due!) but for now, we can only offer delivery and curbside pickup.

Do I need my ID for delivery?

Yes. We need to verify you are over 21 to satisfy current regulations. Please make sure you have your ID on hand.


  1. Anthony, J. C., Lopez-Quintero, C., & Alshaarawy, O. (2017). Cannabis Epidemiology: A Selective Review. Current pharmaceutical design, 22(42), 6340–6352. https://doi.org/10.2174/1381612822666160813214023
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